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WoW’s Most Blacklisted Battlegrounds – Official Statistics

So by now any World of Warcraft players will be aware of the ability to now blacklist battlegrounds. This feature lets you remove up to 2 battlegrounds from being selected when queuing for a random battleground.

I for one had been waiting for this feature ever since “queueing for random battlegrounds” was introduced. In fact a lot of people had. It was unfortunate that the feature was buggy and didn’t work for many months after being introduced.
I quite liked how it was put in one particular post on the World of Warcraft Forums:

Action Taken to recreate Bug: Battleground Blacklisted
Expected behaviour: Battleground Blacklisted
Actual behaviour: Battleground NOT Blacklisted

Source: bg blacklist

But fortunately this feature is fixed now. The only situation when you can’t blacklist a battleground is when it is call to arms for that battleground.

So I’d always wondered which battlegrounds people are blacklisting, which ones were most hated, and perhaps if one were unanimously blacklisted enough would Blizzard drop it completely? The #1 battleground that I wanted to blacklist beyond all others is Strand of the Ancients. It’s absolute garbage. Fighting walls with tanks is not something I consider to be PVP. It’s not even PVE really, it’s TVW (Tank Versus Wall).

Anyway my curiosity has finally been answered. I’m very excited to report the official worldwide player base blacklisting statistics. Effectively, WoW’s most hated battlegrounds!

Battleground Percentage Blacklisted
Strand of the Ancients 47%
Alterac Valley 17%
Battle for Gilneas 28%
Isle of Conquest 35%
Arathi Basin 6%
Twin Peaks 9%
Eye of the Storm 11%
Warsong Gulch 9%
Temple of Kotmogu 13%
Silvershard Mine 25%


WoW Most Hated Battlegrounds
WoW’s most blacklisted battlegrounds – Bar Chart
WoW’s most hated battlegrounds – pie chart

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