Samsung Galaxy S4 is ugly. Just like the S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is ugly. I’ve never understood why so many phone manufacturers consistently fail when it comes to making a phone that actually LOOKS good. The Samsung S4, just like the Samsung S3 is curvy, ugly and has that tacky shiny plastic that looks like a cheap piece of shit. If they’re going to make it crappy plastic, can’t they at least make it Matte so that it looks a little more modern than something out of the 80’s? Their technical specifications and performance are superb, in fact they’re the best phone on the market, so WHY can’t they make the phone look good?

Now I am not an Apple fanboi, but Apple raised the bar of phone form factor and interface with the iPhone every step of the way. The iPhone transformed the interface of smart phones with their FIRST ATTEMPT. Now keep in mind other manufacturers had been making phone for over a decade and were still making clunky, bulky, ugly, awkward and boring models. All of a sudden this newcomer to the industry comes in and surpasses EVERYONE with their first model!

At the time of writing this I own an iPhone 3GS which is getting old and slow now, I’ve been on the lookout for a new phone for the last few months, and I was totally open to the new Samsung S3 or the HTC One models when they were new. In fact I WANT to switch to something other than iPhone just for something new and different. (We all know what it’s like to get a new computer with the same operating system, the novelty wears off after about 60 seconds). So I’d read about the Samsung and the HTC, and I knew that they offered some superior features and a larger screen than the iPhone, so I went to the store (JB Hi Fi) to actually have a hands on comparison between the models. But I’ve got to say I was very disappointed in the form factor of the Samsung S3. They’re curvy, ugly, and plasticy. The HTC models were not terrible, but still not quite on the mark. I had a look at them, considering which one I preferred, then I saw the iPhone 5 and remembered WHY Apple are so renowned. The iPhone 5 is SO much slicker in look & feel. The design is just more modern, minimal, and sexy. I know that the technical specs between 4 & 5 aren’t as impressive as many hoped, but in terms of look & feel, Apple still rules with flying colours. In fact, in terms of form factor, the Nokia Lumia and the Sony Ericsson Xperia look better than the Samsung S3. Also the old HTC Desire actually looked pretty good – they made a fairly nice, sleek model with nice matted plastic. The new HTC One XL looks pretty awesome too.

So I decided to postpone my purchase for a while and wait to see what came available. When I saw the S4 announced I was excited. Then I saw a pre-release photo of the S4 which looked absolutely awesome. It was sexy, slick, more square and looked badass. I decided right there and then that if that was the design, I would definitely buy it. This was the photo I saw:

A Samsung phone that looks good? Must be fake.

But it turns out that wasn’t it at all, and it’s ended up being the same ugly curvy piece of shit as Samsung always make.

Samsung are making the most powerful, innovative phones in the world. Is it that hard for them to hire someone who can actually design something that doesn’t make you want to gouge your eyes out with a hammer?

Edit: A friend of mine recently purchased the brand new HTC One, and DAMN it’s sexy! Finally an android phone that has really hit the nail on the head with regards to design. In fact I think it’s possibly the nicest Android phone design bar none. It looks and feels sleek and solid – it’s like a finely crafted BMW with leather trims while Samsung is a dirty old Toyota Corolla with plastic interior and filthy carpets. I may have found a winner here, and will write an article on it soon.

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  1. hear hear.. I completely AGREE! i’m disgusted that Samsung decided to keep the same ugly curvy design as the GS3. I’m still using my GS2, which is really old now but has the design that really started it all for Samsung’s rise to the top. I’m sure the people that are slated for an upgrade from their 2-year old contract will NOT get the GS4 because of the ugly curve cheap P.O.S look. I use to love everything Samsung, but I can’t anymore. Sony’s experia Z looks to be right on with the build and design. I’m sure as hell not buying the GS4 ugly curved phone and probably never buy a Samsung phone ever again until they put some effort into the build and design. The galaxy S4’s new features and hardware is like putting lipstick on a pig… It’s still a PIG!

    1. Haha, you sum up my feelings exactly tyler. I actually just updated the article with the leaked fake S4 photo I saw before it was released (I only just found it again). If the model actually did end up looking like that I would have bought it in a split second. Alas they provided us with PIG quality like those filthy pigs always do.

      Funny you mention the Sony Experia Z, I saw that just last weekend in the store and I couldn’t agree more – the build and design looks clean and slick. Also the specs seem to stand up to the competition as well. I’m surprised there’s not more buzz around it to be honest.

  2. Nokia Lumia are the most good looking phone in the market. 820 and 920… Samaung makes so ugly phones, and they still sell a lot!!

  3. GS4 isn’t ugly. It’s a phone, put it in a case or something to modify the look. Either way , it still has a quad core (or 8 cores for the exynos) and 2GB of ram and a 1080P screen, can’t beat that. If you’re buying a phone based on looks then you’re just an idiot. Cool ran though!

  4. If the mockup above excited you then what you are looking for is Sony Xperia Z. Sony’s specs are almost as good as Samsung’s but the build quality blows the Samsung S4 out the water. The ZL version is just as sleek and feels more substantial. I like the squared off look of LG but they are paper light with really finicky materials. I’ve used the S4 and the skin is atrocious a bunch of shit atop the beautiful Android 4.2.2. Sony’s problem has been updates to latest Android. Its almost July 2013 and 4.2.2 has not arrived yet. Slow updates or not the skin on the Sony phones is intuitive and practical.

  5. Samsung to Toyota Corolla is not a good analogy since Japanese products are far superior than the Korean ones. It should be Samsung to Hyundai or even Kia…

  6. The thing is that it’s not just the exterior that is hideous. The touchwiz UI is a disaster

    The HTC One managed to combine a great design with a good looking UI, making it very comparable to the iPhone in terms of aesthetics.

    Samsung will never “get it”

  7. Totally agree! Why Samsung does not use metal case? iPhone does has good looking and better feel. I want Samsung inside but iPhone outside.

  8. Glad I am not alone! It’s a revolting design. I think of it as a wallowing boat. The Nexus 4, HTC in comparison works of art when it comes to style.

  9. I agree, My shampoo bottle has better looking plastic than Samsung Galaxy phones – and if Samsung made their phones less ugly, there would be no reason to buy worthless, uninnovative, microSD-less piece of shits like the htc/nexus/iphone, etc

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