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Don’t cut corners on the NBN

I’ll admit the prospect of Tony Abbott leading Australia terrifies me. But you know what? There’s something that is far, far more frightening. There is an obnoxious, uninformed, and ignorant policy that the Liberals have put forward, and it’s their weak, crippled National Broadband Network proposal. If the liberals actually get in power and put in place their reduced, passive, degraded, sub-par NBN plan, it will be detrimental to us as a nation. It will stifle our progress with technology on more levels than most people can imagine. Our nation must vote for Labor and their full performance National Broadband Network.

I understand that Tony Abbott and the liberals have no real plan other than to be negative and try and cut down every labor policy that’s put in place. It’s just what they do. But sometimes there are issues where you have to take a step back, put aside politics and look at the bigger picture. We can not cut corners on the National Broadband Network. It is infrastructure that the country needs both now, and more importantly in the future as technology rapidly progresses. Technology moves at a startling pace, of that there is no question. Moore’s law states (roughly) that computing power doubles every 18-24 months. When you’re dealing with large scale technology that can’t easily be upgraded in the near future, you HAVE to think ahead, you have to think long term. If we went with the rubbish liberal NBN solution, we would fall behind the rest of the world again in no time at all, making this a terrible decision lacking any foresight at all.

There was a great site recently published which tries to make it clear how much better Labors solution is, I strongly recommend having a look: How Fast is the NBN? Personally I would have done it a little different, and highlighted the more important benefits like business, medical and education speeds. But the examples it gives are easy to understand for the (usually unintelligent) naysayers. It’s important to note that the developer of this website is actually a Liberal voter! But this particular Liberal, wisely, understands the importance of this policy and recognises that the Coalition’s proposal is garbage. This website actually got a fair bit of attention and published by the mainstream media.

Do you realise that currently our internet is considered a laughing stock compared to the rest of the developed world? We pay a lot, for very little. In most cases this is the only thing that people have experienced, so how can they compare it? They’ve become used to certain download speeds. They’re not aware that in most other developed countries our speeds are considered terrible, and slow. Australia are looked down upon as ‘behind’ and not taken seriously in terms of our internet capability. It seems that some liberals want to keep us there? What is wrong with these people? Part of the problem is these people are ignorant, they don’t understand the benefits. Would these same people have been complaining about the government spending money on laying down the first railway tracks, or the telephone lines? This is critical infrastructure. We NEED it.

Ok maybe I’m going about this the wrong way. Trying to explain the issue in terms of “the big picture” – in terms of innovation, technological development and progress probably isn’t going to be understood by these rednecks. Perhaps it will help the greedy right wing morons if I put it in more economical terms. After all, all they care about is money. Let me put it this way. Putting in place a sub-par solution that will become outdated sooner means that it will cost FAR MORE in the long run in lost productivity, in maintenance, and eventually in simply having to “upgrade the network again” to fix the rubbish copper that Liberals intend to leave in place. Coalition are proposing three quarters of the cost for one quarter of the speed – it’s a hoax. With important infrastructure like this, spending big money is not an issue. What’s more important is that we put in place this critical infrastructure for now and for future generations, so we can be competitive on the world stage.

These facts are black and white, clear as day. All it takes is for you to stop and use your brain for just a few seconds to understand how obvious it is.

When it comes to politics, I understand that people like to argue and debate. They like to barrack for their party’s line, sometimes with as much passion as they would their favorite sports team. But you have to pick your battles wisely, and honestly, this is not the right one. I can’t stop you from following Liberals if you’re that way inclined, but it’s imperative that everyone smartens up with this policy. We NEED the National Broadband Network to be as fast and as future proof as possible. It’s money worth spending. It’s in our nations interest, regardless of political persuasion.

Don’t cut corners on the NBN.

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