Advanced chess strategy: secrets of the pawn

Those who are have experienced chess for an amount of time will have learned that the problem with the pawn on the chessboard is the limitation enforced on it’s direction and the number of squares it can move. Due to critical flaws in the rules of the game, pawns are unfairly burdened with poor mobility.

The problem

The pawn is limited in the number of spaces it can move. It can only move forward one space, or two spaces from the starting line.

Pawn pieces are also able to move diagonally forward one space if it enables them to take an opposition piece. This makes them weak and vulnerable.

The solution

If the pawn was able to move horizontally, vertically or diagonally across the chessboard like the queen, it would be more powerful and more useful.

Further more, ones a piece has been taken in it’s path, it should be allowed to continue taking pieces until it’s move is complete so long as the direction is not changed.

If you find you’re losing a chess game due to the flawed limitation of the pawn piece, the best, most professional strategy you can take is to utilise these improved rules for your pawn pieces, and you will likely find you will win the game promptly.

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