Barry O’Farrell’s draconian lockout and alcohol laws

Let me start out by outlining the key issue here. NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell is an incompetent fuckwit. This guy is seriously a completely useless piece of shit. No-body knows where he came from, and no-body likes him. It will be a good thing when this fucking deadshit gets booted out back to the shithole he came from.

Now with that said, let us explore just one of the reasons why Barry O’Farrell is a docile fuck rat.

Here are the new lockout and alcohol restriction laws that Barry O’Fuckell has put in place:

  • 1.30am lockouts. This means if you’re in a venue and you want to duck out to get some food, fresh air, a cigarette, or even some critically needed medicine from your car, you can’t go back in. That’s right, some weird old fucking man that no-one likes is telling you that you’re not allowed to go out after a bedtime he is putting in place.
  • No drinks served after 3am.
  • All bottle shops and liquor stores close at 10pm.

The reason that this fuckwit has put these laws into place is because of 2 recent unfortunate circumstances where 2 guys were “king hit” which resulted in fatalities. This is a sad thing, and the perpetrators who did this are quite simply deadbeat criminals who will never amount to anything. But it’s important to note that both of these incidents occurred between 9pm and 10pm. So anyone who isn’t severely brain damaged can immediately see that the policy isn’t actually aimed at real results, it’s just a political ploy to appear as though he’s done something. It’s a ridiculous attempt at appeasing the media rile up around 2 specific incidents, and it’s not effective. It’s aimed at the paranoid media, and preys on the fear of the population. It’s a dangerous law that removes a part of our freedom, and most people are too blind to even realise.

Now many of us are hard working citizens. We work Monday-Friday, 9-5:30. We slug it out in the rat race, we embark on the peak hour nightmare, crawling along like zombies. We do our part to make a living, to survive and to keep food on the table. On the weekend, some of us like to unwind by going out, listening to some music, having a dance and a few drinks. Why on earth does this incompetent state government want to squash us into the ground by enforcing unreasonable restrictions on our social activities? WHY should we be punished for the problems that an EXTREME minority cause? 99.99% of the population are being punished for the actions of the 0.01% trouble makers. Our entire cities nightlife is being crushed because of a few individuals. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, we want to be recognised as a global city, we hosted the international olympics not so long ago, and now one old man has, in a single spontaneous, ill-conceived, unpremeditated act, has squashed our nightlife appeal.

The other thing that baffles the mind is that these trouble makers are very easy to spot. Anyone with two braincells to rub together can profile the type of fuckwits who are out to cause trouble, so police certainly would be capable of this. Doesn’t it make more sense to punish these criminals than punish the entire city, it’s people, it’s reputation and it’s entertainment industry?

Australia is such a nanny state now that it’s seriously becoming embarrassing. Slowly but surely our freedoms are being crushed, and people don’t even realise it’s happening.

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