The PS4 is Terrible

The PS4 is the most terrible piece of garbage I have ever had the horror to experience. This thing is bottom of the barrel trash. And I am dumbfounded that there isn’t more of an uproar about it on the internet. Sony is an absolute disgrace in every way, and I will never buy another product from them again.

Why, you ask? On boxing day 2014, I saw that EB Games were having a sale on Sony PlayStation 4. They were including 5 games in a bundle that was slightly better value than before christmas. I’d been thinking about getting the PS4 for a while so I decided it was time, I figured I’d spoil myself, get together all of my Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) games and console take it in to trade them, and walk home with a brand new shiny console for hours of entertainment.

I should be honest, I don’t actually play console games much at all. I’ve had a console of some sort for the last 20 years+ of some sort or another, including NES, Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and most recently PS3. I came to a realisation a few years ago that my interest in console games had completely waned. I only play once in a blue moon, or if a friend comes round we might have a laugh with some Grand Theft Auto carnage.

I also have come to believe that PC gaming is far superior than console gaming in every way.

I actually always hated the PS3 OS and the interface. I found it ugly, clunky, and just shit. The load time, system updates, and everything about it just feels terrible. The only reason I have ‘stuck’ with Sony is because I didn’t want to support Microsoft in the gaming world.

So I wasn’t extremely excited about the PS4, I more just wanted to get it to upgrade to the latest version. I figured I could get rid of my old PS3 which was the 60GB version – that was the very loud, very large, dust collecting, backwards compatible console (that I never ONCE played a ps2 game on). Also when I say “loud” I mean, this thing sounded like a plane was taking off under my TV. This thing was also as heavy as a fucking car. I’m not exaggerating. If you kicked this piece of shit as hard as you could, it would break your foot and not affect it in any way.

I also figured it would be a good “media centre” update as well, I’d be able to watch movies on it just as I could on my PS3, but being the latest version, obviously it would be even better.

So I went into the store and traded in 11 PS3 games and my console, I was offered a measly $90 trade in value – a bit of a kick in the guts, but I continued onwards.

The pre-pubescent, pimply faced sales kid told me that “You have to pay to access the PlayStation Network. You have to pay to play online at all”. I stopped. My jaw dropped
“Are you fucking serious?” (There are about 30-40 people in queue, close by & listening in a boxing day rush).
“I know, that was my first reaction too, but <13 yo sales guy pitch here>“.
“That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard”.

Really, Sony charging for access to their online world is SO fucking outrageous it is disgusting. They have the worst online network, it’s been HACKED numerous times, it’s down all the time, it’s just inferior to EVERY alternative in EVERY way. Just using PC games you have a FAR wider audience, and way cheaper entry.

Alas I’d come this far, so I continued.

Then the rodent sales guy asks if I want a second controller:
“Sure” I said.
“Oh but it doesn’t come with a cable.”
“… Wait… What? Did you just say… the controller… doesn’t come… with a cable? I… I just… How?”
“Nope haha, I recommend you buy this docking station power charger too so you can charge them both. That way you don’t need to have the console turned on to charge the controllers. The controllers die really quickly because of their led display”
“That sounds… Really terrible. How could they not include a cable? Don’t they just use the normal USB/micro USB cables? Don’t worry, I already have them”
“Oh no they don’t use those cables” (they do)
“Can you just sell me a normal cable?”
“Sure. Oh wait, we don’t have any left sorry”
“Oh god…”

So after being forcefully up-sold with Sony’s shamefully terrible products and non existent business ethics, I continued.

Eventually after further disappointment being told I couldn’t trade any of the ‘bundled’ games for less shit games, I walked out of there having spent way more than I expected, and feeling absolutely terrible about the whole ordeal.

So I got home, plugged it all in, went to enter my account/profile details and connect to PlayStation Network. ERROR. That’s right, the PlayStation Network was down. The “online” network that Sony have the arrogant nerve to think they can charge for, was not accessible on christmas, or the next 3-4 days – the peak holiday time, when the entire PlayStation world would have been wanting to play. You couldn’t come up with a more ridiculous story – really. They are just a fucking laughing stock.

Turns out it was due to constant DDOS attacks. I’m not going to go into the reasons etc (google it), but I have to be honest, I’m GLAD that they got attacked. They deserve to be absolutely caned for their disgusting service. Having said that, if they’re going to charge for their pathetic appalling network, they are OBLIGED to have better security security, backup measures and alternative plans for these situations, otherwise what the fuck do they deserve our money for?

So far everything about this piece of shit was just terrible. For days I tried entering in my credentials (the console doesn’t save your email address/password, so every single time I had to re-enter it again using the painfully slow controller/keyboard method – just a small example of why the playstation UI sucks). But after a few days the network finally came back online. I tried to connect, ERROR. I googled it – and Sony’s genius engineering team advised “reboot your machine” (fucking idiots). I rebooted my machine, it did nothing. I still got an error. Eventually I found an obscure manual network setting adjustment which was NOT specified by Sony but rather some clever punter. Finally I was online.

After exploring some of the options/settings I was baffled as to why there is so much focus placed on social networking and sharing etc. As if anyone cares about sony and their social media – these guys are completely deluded.

Anyway I played GTA5 a few times. It was as lacklustre as it was on the PS3, but now some of the voices and sounds seemed to come out of the controller. I don’t find this adds ANY immersion whatsoever – it’s actually confusing, and to be honest I’d rather it just not happen, with the benefit of a longer battery life for the shithouse controllers.

Finally a few days later I had a friend coming around and we were going to settle in and watch a movie, so I grabbed my USB with a legally obtained video to watch, and plugged it into the console. Only to discover that the PS4 is unable to play ANY videos copied onto it via USB or any other means. I could not believe it. A major part of my reason to have a console at all was to act as a ‘media centre’. I didn’t even bother to look up this functionality because I just assumed it would be included – why wouldn’t it? I was absolutely dumbfounded and disgusted. What an outrage. I was also stabbing my own eyes with forks in frustration.

On googling responses on the internet I found a range of varied opinions. But as with all gaming topics, you have these strange retarded ‘fanbois’ who stand by their console/platform/game/developer of choice no matter how much they are blatantly and obviously not living up to expectations.

At this stage I just find the whole thing comical. To wrap it up – if you haven’t bought a PS4 yet, don’t do it. Just don’t. It’s a fucking piece of shit. I’ll sign off with a concise list.

Why the PS4 is shit

  • Overly expensive
  • You have to pay to access the PlayStation Network (to play any online games)
  • You can’t play any videos copied to the console. It’s no longer ANY use as a media center.
  • No flash support on the browser at all
  • Second controllers don’t come with cables.
  • Terrible wide impacting bug where the unit will beep and spit out discs randomly for no reason, in mid game or will even try when discs aren’t in there. Sony encourage users to send units back for repair.
  • Shit games.
  • The PlayStation Network was down over the peak holiday period.
  • Sony’s security is known to be appalling, and is a laughing stock worldwide. Peoples sensitive private information has been hacked many times.
  • Sony’s OS and UI are fucking terrible.
  • The physical console is eye hurtingly ugly.
  • The buttons on the unit are pathetic – hard to press, impossible to see the icons on the buttons.
  • The “improvements” of this console are almost all SHIT. The controller voices/audio/lights are just battery wasting gimmicks. The focus on “social networking” and “sharing” is just rubbish that no-one cares about.
  • The community is terrible.
  • You can NEVER, EVER ever change your gamertag/PSN Name.
  • No release button for ejecting stuck discs. Instead it has a retarded loose “not normal” screw that is almost impossible to see, requires opening the machine and even then impossible to get at
  • Much, much more.

I’d love to hear your feedback or experiences. Thanks.

EDIT (November 2015):
Sony you had one job to do!! Let us put in a game and play the game. But no, Sony can’t even build a unit that is able to load a disc and play the disc without RANDOMLY spitting it out! There is a widely known bug with the console where it will randomly just start spitting out the disc in mid game. Or even if there is no disc in the console, it will sit there beeping TRYING to eject it. What the fuck? Seriously. Is it too much to ask this hideous piece of rubbish to not break across the board? Really – is that being greedy? I am absolutely baffled that this unit is so shit. But if that’s not enough, listen to Sony’s suggested fix – they say to turn it off and on again. (Wow, thanks Sony). And if that doesn’t work, send it in for repair! That is unacceptably outrageous! We don’t want to have to pack this thing up in safe packaging, pay for shipping to send it off, and then be without a PS4 for WEEKS – FUCK YOU! But worse still, if you look online you’ll find there is usually a repair you can do yourself (thanks for lying Sony). You open the top of the unit, that’s right, you actually have to pull the ugly thing apart by wrenching the top off revealing the disgusting innards, then there is a hidden screw – I mean it’s almost impossible to see, and you need a very thin long screwdriver to access it (which you’re unlikely to have), and then you need to turn it clockwise “a few times”… But it’s not a “normal” screw; it’s some weird loose piece of shit that doesn’t actually tighten. Couldn’t you have just used a goddamn button you utter retards? Incredibly after breaking apart my piece of shit and ramming screwdrivers into “not normal screws” and tightening the non-tightening screw, this actually worked for me. Fuck you PlayStation 4.

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  1. Yeah agreed, the funny thing is you haven’t mentioned the fact it’s always lagging and freezing, the PS3 had more, yes they have taken away certain programmes etc. it’s a really bad dust collector with how the slot is placed on the side. I hate it, I’m selling it and sticking with my PS3, pish poor, Sony don’t give a fuck anymore

  2. Yeah ps4 is shite just like the ps4 fans, and fanboys,

    This is for the gamers makes me cringe every time, more like for the wallet.

  3. Hey Sony as a loyal customer I would love it if you guys could drop a slim version, maybe without an optical drive. I hate actually having my games and they always get scratched or lost because im a complete cunt and just think of all that free space, I could store my stationary away for the first time ever. There are 3 generations of Playstation. This model falls so far short I genuinely feel like youve stolen my money and left me with a pandoras box of shitty problems. I want to fight you over it already, and then we get to the all new psn. Whats new about it? Money thats what. You want money for your online services? How about an employee safely returned from his kidnapping ordeal instead? Thats my offer. Just make the slim p4 and we can all watch you crash and burn and at least get some entertainment value out of this folly.

  4. It cost more to develop. They were losing money. Isn’t expensive at all, you’re simply poor.

    You get several services with PSN, including free games each month.

    You can play videos on the console. But even if you couldn’t, why would you care consider you have a “superior PC”? LOL. Dolt.

    Flash is a turd. If you want to use that turd, use your PC. Hardly a criticism at all.

    If you can’t afford a wire, don’t buy a console.

    The game are brilliant. You are delusional.

    Sony’s OS is wonderful. The UI has fine design. Are you a designer? Axiomatically not. Am I a designer? Yes. I am right, you are wrong. Dolt.

    The console’s exterior and interior design is perfectly fine. Saying otherwise reveals your pathetic attempt at insulting all aspects of a console because you the fact that you had a bad experience with a young sales person. You’re acting like a little bitch over a wire and PSN.

    If nobody cares about sharing their recording, why is everyone sharing their recording? Dolt.

    The community is wonderful. Dolt.

    Much, much more? Well, you’ve said nothing so far. Simp.

    • Here ladies and gentleman, we have what is called a “cock spanner”. It’s a perfect specimen of a fanboi in the wild, and it appears to be injured in some way.. it seems to be butthurt. It’s clear that his mum has bought him a playstation and being a little kid he just plays with the toys he’s given without any capability for objectivity, critiism or an eye for quality.

      Allow me to dissect and destroy/nullify every single point made by the butthurt fanboi destroying him immediately:

      It cost more to develop. They were losing money.

      Hahahaha! Sony were losing money! Oh how my heart bleeds. Hold on, is that the Sony that got hacked 3 times, and leaked millions of customer private records, offering NO compensation whatsoever? Is this Sony who are in the top 100 brands and have a value of $34 *billion*? And your justification for them overcharging on this console is “they were losing money”. Kid, you are a medically diagnosed retard.

      You get several services with PSN, including free games each month.

      I don’t want those shitkicker games, because I’m not a shitkicker.

      You can play videos on the console. But even if you couldn’t, why would you care consider you have a “superior PC”? LOL. Dolt.

      You couldn’t play videos on the console. After a huge uproar from the public (primarily this blog post), Sony caved in and provided this service that should have been included in the first place. Even the thought that a gaming console in this day and age would release a unit without the capability to play media is beyond outrageous. It’s fucking disgraceful.

      Please don’t use the word “Dolt” – it’s really embarrassing for you. Only weird social pre-pubescent outcasts use that word. I’m just telling you for your own sake.

      Flash is a turd.

      It, like you, is indeed a turd. But many content streaming sites use Flash, so not allowing it, on an “entertainment” system, is an appallingly poor decision.

      The game are brilliant.


      Sony’s OS is wonderful. The UI has fine design.

      Sony’s OS and design are terrible rubbish that is extremely inefficient and difficult to use. It’s slow, awkward, ugly, hard to navigate, hard to enter data, hard to do everything. Their approach towards design and engineering is old and outdated.

      The console’s exterior and interior design is perfectly fine.

      This doesn’t even warrant a direct response. Anyone can google popular opinion to see that you failed terribly.

      The community is wonderful. Dolt.

      ^ Given that this guy is part of the community, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

      • Fanboy detected 9_9

      • Renaud Lemieux

        Shut up piece of shit you’re an xbox fanboy big time. I have the ps4 since day one and lets be honest theres absolutely NOTHING wrong with that console no major problem like mentioning here and the one agreed with that troll are trolling themselves

    • Ha and how long have you been working for Sony trying to convince people that all the issues we are having dont exist? Your a joke. I have been a die hard fan of Sony since the first playstation and this ps4 “pretty shitty 4” a gaming system has made me change my mind. And.. Dolt? Are you even all there mentally lol none of your points are valid and unfortunately if this is what you want from a gaming system you can have it!! Im moving onto comp. Sony clearly has received enough of my money to stop giving a shit about their products. When i got the ps2 it had no issues, ps3 was minor with random freezing mainly while surfing the web. Ps4 there is a list of issues not only with the system but even with all the games!! They release a game with promises to patch and when the game is soo poorly bugged and does nothing but glitch people stop playing then they say “well no one is playing it so why waste our money making it playable.. we already made our profit.”

    • Um, no actually. $350USD is quite a lot to expect for a worthless pile of japanese dog shit. Oh, you’re mentioning PlayStation Plus. I over looked that part. Sorry. It’s a fucking ripoff. Xbox live is paid for and has fucking security! Security! I’ve never, never had problems with ANY Xbox. Nothing but trouble with the PS4. I was under the impression that my legacy content, shut the fuck up, I’m probably older than you, would be useable on my PS4, so, like the OP, I got rid of my PS3. My PS4 hasn’t spit a disc yet, but it sure does hate going online via Wi-Fi. So much so, that it actually won’t connect to the internet from anywhere but inches from my router. Are you serious Sony?! The Onion News Network had you tickets pegged just right when they said and I quote “Sony unveils new fucking piece of shit that doesn’t do the Goddamn thing it’s fucking supposed to.” I’m getting a tripod in a day or 2 and I’m getting a camera on it and recording just how much I love my PS4…with a shotgun.

    • No you’re just butt hurt that he’s tell the true of a game console you like so shut you trap

      • Truth? He exaggerates the weight of the PS3, so much so that it’s apparently a couple tons. He also exaggerated the rest of this article.
        I know the system has issues and I’m not blind to them but this type of blatant slander is ridiculous.
        “It’s so expensive!” No more than half the price of building your own PC at the time.

    • What an asshole you are lol. Sony sucks cock almost as well as you. Ps4 was the biggest piece of junk I ever wasted money on…your daddy bought yours I bet.

    • Free games yes. GOOD games no. The ps4 sucks

  5. Agreed I hate this piece

  6. Ok I bought a ps4 and sold my ps3….shortly after I bought my ps3 back!
    Ps3 is far superior I wont compare it to pc as obviously a high end pc game machine will be far superior to a games console always ( what do they make the games on? A Pc !)
    Having said that games releases are now aimed at consoles so hassle of running emulaters and various other erm probably illegal ways to run these games on a pc means stuck with consoles.
    So ps4…wont run your £400 steering wheel peddle system they made sure it wont so you have to buy an inferior thrustmaster one.
    Ps4 game size is huge you pretty much filled it with gta 5, which does not even look much different and I swear runs faster on ps3 as on ps4 loads of clipping at a distance. Ok they threw in few extras but so what it plays better on ps3 and cannot see any difference unless maybes you put two screens on ran side by side and squinted a long time to decide…
    I stuck with them now I play ps3 more no stupid pay for internet though admit for £40 you get your moneys worth a year on ps4 and you get top games for that ps3. Shit games on ps4 ie tablet type indie free crap you delete straight away as the stupid hard drive and new ps4 operating system cannot store more than a few games at once and will crash and die, am on my second already,,,,,,,,,,,,
    My ps3 same one I always had is a slim one totally reliable great media player great games great controllers poer lasts ages……..dont buy a ps4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stick with your ps3 or trial a ps4 but honestly most stupid waste of money I ever made.

  7. Sorry but have to add to this massive congratulations to Sony for the PS3 it converted me from a pc games media station I built as they had basically built an even smaller version of same system with cool controllers but the PS4 they just taking the piss and have taken all the good things from a product and boxed it up with erm full hd n that’s it lol
    Dont start arguing processor speeds research it forst or just play both systems side by side, no wonder same looking games run the same to look at as ps3 operating system is obviously better as they dont take the 4 or more size hard drive space as ps4 does it like basic versus machine language…

  8. Your just crying over stupid shit. If you didnt like ps3, why did u play and why did u care if they charge for online. You hardly play and 360 always charged and so does the xbox one. Get over it. I stopped reading there because your just crying over stupid stuff. I have a hate for ps4 atm because of legit faulty reasons and i cant even contact sony about it. Stop crying and what you were never a 13 year old that looked nerdy. Get over yourself you asshole its not his fault. You could have bought it without knowing.

  9. AND XBOX ONE IS ALSO ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA AND SHARING. I JUST READ ANOTHER PARAGRAPH AND CANNOT BELIEVE HOW STUPID YPU ARE. you cant be like oh no one cares about sony when microsoft does the same shit. I hope you read this and think about how stupid you are. And dont get mad over me being an asshole. Re read your shit and think. Do it.

    • He was never siding Microsoft you fucking moron.

    • Zane your an asshole. Do us and your mom a favor and hang yourself. Ps4 is the largest piece of shit ever sold. Worse yet the games suck, every last game sucks cock. I know call of poopy the kids love. It’s a game loved by those who never shot a real gun and are basement cowards still living at home. Mine will continue to collect dust until I run out of targets and shoot at it in the backyard for fun. Zane fuck you asshole, your a tough guy on here but in real life you a panty wipe little boy.

  10. I agree, I’ve owned every PlayStation and 4 is btly far the worst.
    Something you missed out is that it’s WiFi doesn’t work, even at 100%

  11. Totally agree, the PS4 is shit. Even though I knew just about everything on your “why the PS4 is shit” list I almost got one for Destiny and Godzilla, but those games turned out to be shittier than the console itself. At this rate I’ll keep my PS3 and PC forever, and Sony can go fuck themselves.

  12. Ps4 fucken sucks

  13. Every game out there sucks especially the sports games its like the people making the game have never even seen the sport played

  14. The ps4 games are shit at the moment, sony still needs time to start producing decent games

  15. The games are too simple and have no depth, they just feel cheap, all of them!

  16. I’m also tired of that greatness awaits, piece of shit they call ps4.

    Let me point out what i’ve experienced while owning the ps4 since

    Multiplayer servercrashes almost everyday (at launch of the ps4) still happens tho.
    PSN breakdown multiple times, lasting from 5 hours to days, even weeks if people remember december 2014 !!
    Extreme framedrops in-game such as bf4, the witcher 3, Bloodborne, Alien Isolation.. etc

    After 2 years, the same clunky UI, with no option to customize.

    Paid theme’s, c’mon sony, no option to insert your own

    No external hdd !!!!
    which means you have to throw out your 500gb hdd to buy a new 2tb hdd, c’mon sony.
    Why can’t I use my already paid 500gb or at least an external hdd so i don’t have to replace my internal hdd, just like the xbox one can.
    Plain ridiculess
    500gb fills up very fast, if youre a gamer like me.

    Still no freinds notifications.

    No ‘appear as offline to freinds’ function, so my 2000+ freinds just can’t join me in a game, if I would like to play alone.

    And now after they removed USB music, lets say youre playing bf4 online and would like to switch album for a breif moment, now you have to suspend meaning go offline in bf4,to switch song on your USB. Soooo stupidly done.

    And please sony, 30fps games is so 2005. C’mon

    Also if i’m not wrong, ps4 has already been jailbroken, meaning its a hackers paradise

    After 2 years I Still am Waiting on Greatness Awaits from 2013. Still havent seen it.

  17. Yep, Sony and xbox have screwed the pooch on this one. The consoles are still shyte after 2 years. They have been developed for online gamers who are 15 yo. Terrible in every way.

  18. I fucking agree dude the ps4 IS TOTAL SHIT. I am still fucking stuck on that shitty please wait screen for a fucking week.OH AND it takes forever to load the shitty avatars. I HAD to pray to God 500 times so i could actually view the avatars. You hit it dead on the center with this.i hope sony employees see this and will actually UPGRADE THEIR FUCKING SHIT. DONT BUY THE PS4! Hell ps4 should stand for Piece of Shit 4.

  19. I agree. If you want to use the Internet then for god sake don’t get a PS4. I have BT infinity i have connected the proper wire to it and it is still slow. The PS4 is what most have already said. Crap and really annoying. ” Not enough memory in the system” when you want to read something or just typing a new message on Facebook and you type the first word and then it kicks you out so that you have to click back into the message box makes you want to smash it in to tiny pieces and feed it back to Sony.

  20. This is why I hate this fucking shit much more than I like the wii u even taking into consideration all the flaws of the wii u.

  21. I agree, ps4 is the worst bottom of the bin garbage i have seen

  22. Totally agree, mine won’t even give me surround sound, a complete backwards step in all departments, sad to say my last Sony games console.

  23. I hate ps4, it’s not worth

  24. I hate ps4, it’s not worth it

  25. Let’s get real. These new gen systems are designed for one thing, to waste your time. If they cared about the consumer they’d bring back the xbox360 pop up menu. Its sad when a machine made a decade ago trumps your new, slick, piece of shit. I actually detest PS4 so much, I’ve stopped playing video games entirely. So, fuck you Sony for stealing my money, but thanks for my life back.
    They must be money laundering, creating shitboxes and claiming they’re advanced. Kinda like the TSA app that costed $350,000 and could be made by a 1st grader in 10 minutes. Fuck off.

  26. Worst fucking console I’ve ever owned. I got 10,000x more enjoyment out of my Atari 2600 than this piece of shit.

    Multiplayer improves… WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THAT? IN MY COUNTRY, Portugal still not seeing NETFLIX or amazon videos or whatever.
    SO ALL I CAN SAY IS… Au revoir, Sony (Adiós Sony or Adeus, Sony), Goodbye Sony. Live long and free and try to improve anything you publish instead of giving us rebranded trademarks (remember, Sony Pulse Headsets are made by Logitech). And poop on your unfair money because you won’t see anotherncent of mine, at least while you don’t improve your unfair markting.

  28. the sony corporation don’t produce anything of worth. That goes for media (such as music, TV, and films) and electronics. The 80s and 90s were their heydey, but since then they’ve devolved into a money grabbing gimmick producing joke of the corporate world.

  29. Ps4 is absolute garbage I’ve had it for exactly a year and now the HDMI port randomly doesn’t work after plugging the ps into a different tv. So many regrets.

  30. I completely agree. I recently update my PS4 firmware to version 3.55 . Eversince then I cannot access the store or play online. Speedtest on the playstation for internet is never more than 100kbps while the other devices in the house tests fine. Guess what sony says. Take it in for repairs. It is your shitty firmware which cause it Sony. I am selling.

    • I follow you on Pinterest, Facebook, and of COURSE this blog!! I LOVE this blog! I have been a follower of all of you for a while and was sooo excited to see all of you TEAM up!

  31. Pure utter shit I’m swapping for a Xbox one well done Sony or should I say ‘PHONY’

  32. Just got a ps4 a month ago, upgrading from a ps2 which I bought in 2002…. Will never pay to play online that’s retarded when PS3 users don’t have to. Blood sucking business ….

  33. Thank you for this. I feel really wronged by this company after having spent thousands buying 2 consoles (1 for myself and 1 for kids so we could play together)… have had to pay 2 annual subscriptions for plus and still had to double purchase many games… digital copies can’t be used by 2 consoles in the same damn household…. and the disc spitting, randomly turning themselves on and beeping all night… their customer service is condescending and unhelpful. As a working single mum I thought I was the family hero being able to save and buy these awesome setups but sony is just money hungry and pumping out inferior products… now there is a new version on the way… yay!!! How about fixing the problems for their existing loyal customers first!! So angry 🙁

  34. Oh man how much i hate you Playstation! You are a useless, buggy, fucked up piece of garbage. My only wish is that people realize that you are a piece of shit and stop buying you so that sony Playstation goes bankrupt. Oh man i cannot even express how much i hate you. Fuck you Playstation, fuck you!

  35. I’m more disgusted with the fact you can’t play many split screen/ couch co op games.
    I’m not a massive online gamer. I play with my boyfriend and friends that come and chill.
    There aren’t many decent games to play and the ones that are decent (or were on PS3) you can’t play split screen any more.
    To top it off, my partner has his own profile and I have mine but to play online we both need to pay for the PlayStation network, individually !!!???!!!!
    Uuuuurrgh frustrates me because I have always stuck with Sony. I always bantered with X box fans and now I’m embarrassed.
    The games are ridiculously expensive as well, which means gaming options are low.
    We have just had ours sat in the cupboard since March.
    We are going to sell it soon and purchase another PS3 and game cube (because well… Zelda)
    Reluctant to sell it though because I spent a lot on customising my controller Tempted to just keep the controller
    What a let down ps4. So much hype for nothing

  36. Stress inducing , money grabbing, dirty assed peice of fucking cunty shit.
    I spent so much money trying to find a good game to justify owning it.. there fucking isn’t any! Fallout 4! SHIT Witcher 3! SHIT BF4! SHIT WATCHDOGS! UTTER SHIT MGS PHANTOM PAIN! SHIT The only game that got anywhere near entertaining so far was P.T and that was a demo! ALL THE FREE PSPLUS GAMES ARE FUCKING MASSIVE SHITTTTTT , now they want £60 a year to use it online hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!! FUCK OFFF

  37. Very nice yo know

  38. Yeah It’s being a little cunt face to me. It doesn’t fucking work. I actually want to die.

  39. I’m fucking so mad,
    the pissshit4 fucking keeps crashing in fucking not with it.


    Fuck Sony. I felt so stoked when I bought my PS4, what a sick machine, I thought. Then I find out you have to pay for online, Bummer. Oh well, guess thats not so bad since there are so many advances in online. HA HA HA. Fuckers. Online is clunky and goes down quicker than a german porn star. And speaking of which, I can’t play any videos over USB. Apparently there was an update to “MEDIA CENTER” but that was misinformation as it is the same as ever garbage fucking shit.And to top it off the fucking HDMI connector or cable or something is FUCKED and literally every time I want to watch Netflix or Amazon (the only thing I use my PS4 for now) the fucking screen is black and I have to spend 5-30 minutes fucking around with the fucking connectors and it also keeps pinging off in the middle of a movie and restarting. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. But the worst thing is SONY DO NOT EVEN GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND WILL NOT DO A PROPER UPDATE TO FIX THEIR DOGSHIT CONSOLE!!! They are just waiting until the PS5 or whatever to bleed more cash from us. Well fuck that, fuck them, fuck oculus, fuck games in general, I’m going to read a book.

  41. I own many console and own alienware game laptop, which I like most. I buy ps4 months ago and it horrible. Like you say, menu garbage, service garbage, stupid rule, like no movie on usb play, now you pay use service psn which work like blide bog make it. Psn store not accept craditcard so I watch movie, but game, it say always false info, when I know it right. Honest, there nothing good to it, so morning other day I trash it, because gamestop not give money enough buy gamecube worth system for it. Gamestop like pawn shop to me. Ps4 worst console and belong in trash. Pc game better than all console I play ever. Love Alienware yaaaaay, te he he.

  42. Agreed, PS4 is shit. I had more fun getting molested by my scoutmaster. Thanks Sony, I am going back to xbox now, at least they support bluray UHD – you couldn’t even manage that. cunts.

  43. It is Christmas time again and this brought back all my bad memories. The UI is still the most annoying POS ever, and the whole thing is nonfunctional bloat-spam that molests the very core of my body and soul with its obnoxious advertisement at all times. I feel that it is not even my system and Sony feels that I should be privileged to have it rape me and my children. Unbelievable. I will never buy a console game system again.

  44. Damn should read this first b4 blowing good money on useless shit. Fuckin fuck me..

  45. send it to me im gonna smash it on the wall to break it in million pieces i hate the new gen shit

  46. I got a PS4 at the end of 2014 and around half way through 2016 when I was playing a game and it ejected randomly, I just thought nothing of it and put the game back in and carried on playing, then my game started to eject more and more, it really made me mad and I didn’t know what was going on I thought maybe something was on the eject button making it go off so I cleaned it but it didn’t work, then I was watching Netflix on my PS4 and no disc was in and it was beeping and trying to eject a disc that wasn’t there, I looked online and there was a bullshit method about turning off your PS4, unplugging it and shit like what and it doesn’t work, I’ve searched online and the only way to fix it is taking apart my console and disabling the eject button. My parents got me a new game for my birthday a few days ago and I haven’t been able to play it because it keeps ejecting, don’t know what to do about my piece of shit console.

  47. Just got a ps4 for Christmas. I’ve had an Xbox One since it came out. I’m not a Microsoft or xbox fanboy I’m just a guy who likes playing games. I don’t even like consoles that much have been a pc gamer most of life still have a high end rig I use. I ended up getting an xbox one because that is what all my friends ended up getting. A few other friends have been telling me for years that a ps4 is massively superior to an xbox one and how the network is so much better than xbox live. I was a bit sceptical but finally got the ps4. OMFG. I was losing my shit within 15 minutes. Everything wanted to update and the games I purchased all attempted to download at once. I thought no problem ill just pause them. The UI was such an utter cunt fest to navigate that It took 3 days to figure out the downloads section was under notifications. Why the fuck would you put a download and upload section under notifications? I wish I could upload the screenshot I have of 14gb update for the division in which the estimated download time was 14 hours. What the actual fuck? Downloaded at barely 1mb per second nice one sony. I also noticed that it only handles 2ghz Wifi. I have a nighthawk router with 5ghz and 2ghz the 5ghz network runs at 1600mps. The xbox one supported both connections out of the box. What is the excuse for the ps4 using inferior wifi? When directly connected to the router it speed up from 14 hours to a nice cosy 9 hours (I’m using a 100mps connection btw). I was given a steam link by my gf and I tought no stress ill plug into the ps4…..only to find theres no hdmi in. I had automatically assumed there was one but nope another fatal design flaw. Even my friend who had a ps4 hadn’t noticed and said that was a pretty shitty idea on sony’s part to not include one. And finally the controller. My Xbox controller lasts for days with a charge pack. The ps4 controller barely lasts a few hours even less with a mic. I find myself constantly having to charge or keep it plugged in. Also I had a mic and headset that only has 1 earpiece and mic it doesn’t have 2 (I like to still be able to hear my surroundings). Unfortunately the ps4 only outputs the voice chat to one side and not the side of my headset. There is no option to change this other than to output all sound to the headset which for some mindfuckingly retarded reason wont let you output it through the tv still. In short I find the ps4 to be a MASSIVELY inferior system to the Xbox One. It just screams el cheapo shit box to me. Its as tho sony threw a bunch of parts together in a box to try and outsell xbox as fast as possible. The Xbox has its flaws as well but nothing like the outright fucking stupidity of the ps4. Avoid the thing like the plague. To all your gamers out there happy hunting. And to all you ps4 fanboys your like a pack of abused children, you know you’ve been hurt and been wronged but you’re too embarrassed and ashamed to admit it. Happy trolling!

    ps I think I left my leafblower running, wait sorry that’s just the ps4 idling on the home screen again

    • How can you go on about the stupidity of sony and ps4 users when it took you 3 days to find where your dl’s at, im cryyyyying

  48. Quacking Intensifies

    Glad to see some people with sense. Xbox is vastly superior. I traded my ps4 and old Xbox one for a One S and some games. You know what’s awesome? Being able to plug in a 3tb external hard drive and throw my 160 Xbox one/360 games on digital. Oh yeah, backwards compatible. Sony fanboys can keep their “Exclusive” massively single player single playthrough games. Just count up the news articles starting this year XBL down vs. PSN down. #dealwiththat

  49. Bought a PS4 in the Xmas sales having forgotten that I’d promised myself that I’d never buy another after my PS3 disappointment. Got fed up with constantly failing hardware and games that once purchased had more parts to buy online…Like I say, I forgot!

    I plumped for the Sony product instead of the Microsoft because it has always been the better experience for me (even though their highly regarded audio/video products were never up to the hype…just an aside). What a MASSIVE REGRET! Considering that I am a latecomer to the console, it is still buggy as hell. Just the other day, it stopped recognising my controller until the machine was powered off and back on. The patches are horrific and together with the game installs, eat through your HDD space at a frightening rate (I only got a 1Tb machine cos the bundled games were better…that was lucky cos 500Gb would be full now). COD Infinite Warfare crashed mid game, so had to be reinstalled and started again…argh! I don’t play online, so why is my wifi throttled back until the console is in sleep mode? I would like it to download my patches at full speed while I’m playing my offline games!

    So Android’s play store lets you download and play games for free. If you like the game then you pay a nominal amount to unlock the full game. With these new consoles, you seem to pay full price for a demo game (my example is the “DIRT” rally game) where only a few cars/ tracks are available. You then have to pay extra to download the rest of the game. The worst of it is that had this particular game been demo’d FOC, I would never have bought it…realistic physics my ass!

    Like others have gracefully pointed out, my PS4 was a wasted investment brought on by the reduction in support for now historic consoles. I should have invested my money in a PC…yes it would have been greater cost, but then it would have been far superior in EVERY aspect, I could have managed my own upgrades, I could decide on what content I wanted to stream from where, I wouldn’t be restricted to swapping out HDD to improve my storage, I could have used almost any controller I chose to and if I wanted to game online occasionally I wouldn’t have to pay through the nose for the privilege (and the free game incentives are crap).

    PS. Wouldn’t have gone XBox One route either, not even with its hardware upgrades that I would never need.

    ’nuff said!

  50. i love it!

    yes its ridiculous that you have to pay sony a monthly fee to be able to play online (they are not a ISP and the excuse that they provide some other stuff is just as bad – many people dont use this other shit anyways)

    AND YES fucking hardware or maybe software i dont know… but having your disc spit out in the middle of a bossfight is frustrating.. verry rare it even just restarts itself out of the blue…

    I disagree with the games, there are some very good ones, just recently “Horizon Zero Dawn” is an absolute joy to play

  51. I used to have an xbox 360 i loved it the controlelr was comfortable smes good etc. i decided to buy the ps4 cuz its the system now is stable, working good, the best part was the controller. I love this controller only this was the reason to bought this instead of xbox one. The obly thing what is killig the whole shit the updating. Why the fuck need to update every week this crap? It takes 7 fucking painfully hours to update. If i am feel to play then always happen so i have to wait 7 hours to play what is irrelevant cuz after now am not interested in playing wih this garbage. Rather to buy a amer laptop and break this crap ito pieces…

  52. I’m in agreement. I sold my PS3 console and games to “upgrade” to this garbage and it’s a mess. I get constant offline crash errors, and this is after having already returned one PS4 console, mind you. Sure, I’d get an occasional crash on PS3 but nowhere in the vicinity of this magnitude. I bought another PS3 just to replace this crap since at least that thing works. Thank goodness I only played a small rotation of games anymore so I don’t have to rebuild my full collection.

  53. The PS4 is a pile of shite.
    Cheap Sony tat that runs load and gets hot.
    Poor games, poor hardware, Sony should just give up imo.

  54. I’m burning my PS4 right now; my toilet tissue is more structured than these gay fucks, “This is for the Players” – you mean “This is for the Assholes”.

    I’m going old school, fuck this shit; hello: Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, N64, PS2 & 3. FUCK YOU PS4! Why don’t you play your own shitty PS Plus games and stick that fucking controller up your ass at the same time.

    If you want to find me, no need; I’m the guy making loads of noise shooting the fucking PS4 automatic mode AK47 you Sony bitch.

  55. PS4 and Sony really are shit. Screw the Japanese, they orchestrated Pearl Harbor, or so we’re told…


    PS4 A.K.A (POOP STATION 4) is the worst console ever created you have to paid for everything also Sony this fuckers are selling the same shitty console just adding the label “PRO” but in reality nothing change. So pls stop buying this crap console. Do yourself a favor and buy a pc. Also stupid exclusive games are gone next year is coming FFXV optimize for real 4k not your crap upscale shit. Pc master race is owning your fucking ass.

  57. My wife and I bought a ps4 in February 2016,paid for a years ps+ (not too bad for a we’ll maintained network). However Im disconnected from the network atleast once an hour. If you don’t close Netflix before launching a game you have to either wait 10 min to look at Netflix again or restart the system. To connect to the ps network I often have to test the network for the PlayStation to realize it actually really for real is online and that is super annoying. So sum up, it’s ok… But the network features are a pain. Media features can also be problematic.

  58. I couldn’t agree more with you. Also, the PS4 UI is cluttered with marketers and advertisements for shit I don’t want, and the UI is not intuitive at all and it just feels super busy. Then control feels compact and nice sure but wtf is that stupid touch pad shit, and the LED light I can’t turn off. The battery life is like 5 hours. The dual shock 3 lasts like 20 or more. I feel like I’ve charged my dual shock 3 only 5 times in my life. It’s egregious that Sony charges for online play when it was free for PS3 because that’s how it should be! The PS3 slim looks way better than the PS4 too. The thing looks like it was built out of legos, and there’s only dumb white led strip on the top when the thing is on. It just looks like a kids toy with no technological innovation or sleekness like the PS3 slim. I do actually like the PS3 UI though which is the only thing I disagree w you on. I like how minimal it is. But anyway, I got rid of my PS4 just a few days ago. I absolutely hated that atrocious excuse for a console

  59. Shut up Bent spine you are not a true gamer if you don’t play on PlayStation pc gaming dead
    Why are you complaining about paid online are you to poor
    Ps4 is great and you are just jealous because the only games on pc are stupid indies

  60. Totally agree. Has anyone ever tried to create family accounts? the hours and hours wasted… Its so fucking complicated and cluttered. After you get it all set up the kids cant play anything coz they are “underage” apparently, even when you disable all restrictions as the primary account holder. So then you try to start again and alter the birthdates (which you cant do) So then you delete the account and start again but you cant use the same email adresses again! Ever tried to delete a SEN account? So all the family accounts need their own email addresses if they want to browse the playstore or play online. IF IM THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER (ADULT) WHY CANT ALL THE SUB ACCOUNTS USE MY EMAIL ADDRESS???? fuucckk!!!! I’ve actually got a hole in the wall from throwing a controller in disgust. Paying for PSN? PS3 was free! I still play COD on PS3 online for free!
    Pay for the console
    Pay for a 2nd expensive controller
    Pay for the game
    Pay a monthly fee to access PSN
    Pay a subscription to games creators to access their servers
    PAY, PAY, PAY, PAY…..
    Didnt disable the (default) auto renew for ps plus? PAY AGAIN!

    The only thing I disagree on is the PS3 interface, which I like.

  61. pissed off still


    My 11yr old son was playing the PS4 and using the browser to look up cheats and hints etc. you know how it is one site leads to another and then another, then you get the pop up pages etc… I was sitting on the couch watching when a page opened up advertising hardcore pornography and my big screen tv was filled with erect penises ejaculating over naked women. Its one thing to use the browser to visit a porn site directly via a web address but this was a pop up page which was in no way asked for!

  62. The PS4 is a tragic piece of Chinese plastic that Sony are trying to push as a decent gamers machine….lol.

    Sony just need to go bankrupt and give the world a rest from pish hardware and pish games.

    Japs eye lamb shankers that they are.

  63. Sony as a comany are a fucking disgrace.
    They are pushing a tragic piece of shite with the pish line “For the Players”, when in reality, the jap cunts can’t write a decent line of code between them.

    Just fuckwits and this goes for the dregs of humanity who buy the fucking thing, the desperate piss stains that they are. Dumb human animals at their worst.

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  65. WTH

    All of you WHO think ps4 sucks is sooo stupid.
    Ps4 have better gpu and graphic.
    Microsoft think they can get a computer in the console generation, but NOT.

  66. The PS4 is a cheaply made heap of shite. The internal fans are fucking ridiculously loud and the pish Jap games are utter bollox.

  67. I will never buy anything form this company, what a waste of money is PS4.
    The days of this company are number!!!
    Your incompetence is breathtaking…

  68. Sony Jap Shite

    The PS4 is a bag of shite.
    The pish “exclusives” are utter bollox and the fucking unit overheats and sound like a cheap fan in action.

    Sony are a shite games company and need to be wiped out,

  69. Dirty Jap Cunts.

    Sony are the arsehole of thr games industry.
    Shite hardware and shie exclusives.

    A useless company who need the axe.

  70. I waste Sony in my dreams each night……

    A company of Jap arseholes who all need the rope.

  71. “This is for the players”

    Ugly schoolboys think they will get their hole if they buy a shite PS4……

    The dregs of humanity need sent off to war in a teesshit.

    The PS4 is a tragic pile of shite.

  72. The PS5 will be another failure.

    Sony are a burst ball full of Jap fuckwits who can’t code.

  73. neogafsony gays

    Neo Gaf is a Sony Gay Bar, the fucking paid Sony cunts.

    I waste Neo Gaf and the devient cunts who run it for the thick Jap filth.

  74. I finally decided to see what the fuzz with the PS4 Pro and bought one this past weekend. I am totally un-impressed. I totally agree it is shit, still very slow, have to join ps plus to play online. graphic are average no difference from my ps3 which all in all wasn’t as bad.
    I am selling this POS this week.

  75. then go play xbox and stop crying

  76. Omg i have to agree with most of the above ….its a piece of SHIIIIT!
    Love the PS3 tho and have still got it thank god
    my ps4 controller has just stopped charging…… typical ps4 problem apparantley.
    Ps3 controllers still going strong
    Pay for online access is just ridiculous
    Crap games for ps4 ……also you cant just own a game disc put it in and play without uploading and installing first….just shit

  77. PS4 Is A Jap Turd

    Filthy peasants all bought the PS4 because it was $100 cheaper than the xbox one at launch.

    The PS4 hardware is utter shite and the plastic pisher runs loud and hot compaired to the xbox one.

    The PS4 hardware is peasent spec for Jap loving fuckwits.
    Jap games are shite and Sony as a company is a fucking minnow waste of air.

    We all piss on the weird jap fuckwits.

  78. Dirty Filth Buys Sony PS4

    The parents of young fuckwits all wanted to save cash at launch, so bought the pish PS4, as it was cheaper.

    Like saying that buying a Fiesta is better then buying a Porsche 911.

    Poor peasants bought the PS4. The highrollers all bought an Xbox One. It runs quiet and is engineered correctly.

    Fucking peasants all need the rope for buying the shite PS4.

  79. An actual gamer not fanboy

    Not getting a ps5, I’ve experienced all these problems with ps4 that has been listed here to my friends on psn for years but they are all delusional to the shit service that these dumb money grubbing chinks offer. Free psn games every month? Try free bottom of the bucket shit trash games that have low sale numbers and they act like they are doing us a solid. Fuck sony r.i.p 1994-2013

  80. An actual gamer not fanboy

    Japanese chinks = fishheads squinty eyed small dick greedy chinese people

  81. The PS4 is a truely tragic piece of cheap consumer shit. It runs loud and hot and looks like a fooking door stop. The games are utter crap too. Sony really needs to give up and go bankrupt, as the Japs are wasting everyones time with this monumental bag of shite.

  82. American like xbox because It Amarican

  83. The Sony PS4 and the Pro are utter shite. Poorly designed plastic bags pf shite that run very hot and sound ridiculously load due to the fucking cooling being about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

    Many fuckwits bought the PS4 because it was cheaper than the xbox one. This was because they are tight cunts who all need the rope.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 looks utter shite on the PS4 Pro, as the Pro is a cheap Chinese made bag of shite that needs put away.

    It’s Xbox One X all the way now.

  84. I agree.

    The PS4 is a rat bastard of a console.

    Utter shite.

  85. I hate the PS4.

    It’s rubbish.

  86. I think the page Op is just a fucking Idiot . his list is wrong on almost everything . I was a xbox fan from the original through 2x xbox ones and 1x xbox one X . we also own and use 3x ps4’s 2 slims and 1 pro .
    The plantations have never had a single issue
    his entire list is bullshit except having to buy a recharge cord with a new controller. But hey I had to do this with the damn shit xbox too and all three of them have already broke and stopped working, 2 of them microsoft the malware company would not even honor their warranty on any of the two regular xboxes.
    my entire family have had nothing but problems from microsoft and windows we have decided to avoid the shit products from microsoft for life . did you know there is multiple windows 10 OS installed into the shit xbox each one eating up 1-2 gb of it’s memory this is why they have no choice but have upto 16 gb of memory the dam box needs up to * gb just to start . So there you have it now go get your damn heads and yank them from your dumbasses . this entire page sounds like it belongs to some communist democrat .

    • Fucking cock cylinder

    • Consoles are just crap in alot of ways vs a pc, and i frequently use a ps4. But who tf cares you elitist snobs… Or trolls, if so, you got me

    • Most people here just sound like they dont know how to use a ps4 which frankly… is fucking hilarious, especially considerin you’re fucking nerds. One guy literaly said it took him 3 days to figure his dl’s are in the notification screen x’D

  87. Bought the first ps4 En it’s like a plane taking off. Bought ps4 pro crashed after 8 months. Had my ps3 for 5 years en didn’t crash once

  88. The PS4 is a cheaply made console that looks like a large pastic turd.

    Sony would be better off going bust, as the world doesn’t need anymore shite Playstations.

    “PS4……..For The Wankers”

  89. The ps4 is a horrible system with no good games. I personally hate indie games with a passion. I am playing all the games I didn’t want on the ps3. Games like stick it to the man, cloudberry kingdom and don’t starve. Indie devs do not have the financial means to make graphically good games. In addition to this, these games I feel are half assed and rushed with little to no research and development. Also if I am playing old DOS and SCUMMvm games like Day of The Tentacle, full throttle and The secret of monkey Island SOMETHING is wrong! I want to make my own studio merely as a joke and call it “Half Cocked Studios” I would have a rooster crow and then immediately die and the logo would appear. I personally feel Sony’s decision to support indie developers was a terrible business decision on their part.

    • Oh yea, indie games have awful graphics.
      I mean, look at Hellblade, A Hat In Time, Frostpunk, Cuphead, Journey, Inside, Gone Home… oh wait. Those all have fantastic graphics.
      And then there’s WoW, which has hundreds of millions in budget, but hasn’t updated its graphics in 15 years.

      Maybe the reason there’s so many low-res and retro-style indie games is because that’s what’s popular right now?

  90. You’re fucking salty bitch! i came here pissed of with my ps4, reading this has just put my worries into perspective. Many of the things you listed dont have anything to do with sony, like try using an actually fucking legal dvd then maybe it will let you watch it, how tf do you not understand why they wouldnt want you do that, sony doesnt make the ‘shit games’ there is just so much virgin material on this rant i just really am not going to even bother going into, but yh you all just sound like ignorant sweaty losers, oh fucking boohoo you spent more money than you hoped, go pay like $900 for a SEMI decent pc then, and even then try and name 10 games anyone gives a fuck about thats only pc, HOW THE FUCK U GONNA SAY PS4 HAS NO GOOD GAMES, let alone excluives. How the fuck was any of that the employees fault and how tf is anything he did that displeased you oh holy one, sony’s falt, so many things just wrong with this but this is about the extent of my being arsed to tell you so, am typing on a shitty ps4 keyboard after all 😉 (You got me there)

  91. So the first 1/3 of this article is complaining about the game store, which isn’t related to Sony or the PS4 except for selling the damn thing.

    Now to the rest of your points:

    Overly expensive

    Cheaper than the XBox One, though, and easily half the price of a mediocre gaming rig.

    You have to pay to access the PlayStation Network (to play any online games)

    Same for Xbox Live (and both systems give you a month for free). It’s because online servers & bandwidth aren’t free; with so many of their games having online components compared to the PS3, they have to cover the cost. I’ve run online game servers; it’s not cheap, and expecting online play to always be free is naive & a bit entitled.

    You can’t play any videos copied to the console. It’s no longer ANY use as a media center.

    Unless you play Blu-Ray, DVD, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. They don’t allow downloaded video files because they have no way of checking which ones are legit & which ones are pirated. Unless you want Sony to have access to your computer files & download history, as well?

    No flash support on the browser at all

    Flash is dying as a medium (and was when you posted this), but you have a point here. The built-in browser is awful.

    Second controllers don’t come with cables.

    Odd – mine did. It even says it comes with a micro-USB charging cable right on the box. Did you get a used one, or something?

    Terrible wide impacting bug where the unit will beep and spit out discs randomly for no reason, in mid game or will even try when discs aren’t in there. Sony encourage users to send units back for repair.

    Ah, so you did get a used one. Or you immediately went out & bought the first-gen, which is a bad idea for any console that isn’t made by Nintendo. The PS2’s first generation had a similar issue.

    Shit games.

    That’s purely opinion. I mean, it’s not like PC & Xbox dosn’t have hundreds of shit games, too. It really boils down to which games you like. Personally, I enjoy action games & RPGs but dislike FPS & sports games, so I tend toward PS & PC games.

    The PlayStation Network was down over the peak holiday period.

    True. Their network was ill-equipped to handle the user load; this has since been remedied. (Certain PC games have had similar issues, including Diablo.)

    Sony’s security is known to be appalling, and is a laughing stock worldwide. Peoples sensitive private information has been hacked many times.

    I’ll give you this one. But that’s true of other systems, as well. Blizzard had a(nother0 huge security breach not too long ago, for instance. Steam has had one or two as well, if I recall.

    Sony’s OS and UI are fucking terrible.

    That’s just your opinion, not objective fact. I like it better than Xbox’s UI (which was the model for the godawful Windows 8 interface), but again… just opinions.

    The physical console is eye hurtingly ugly.

    More opinion. I’ve seen some hideous custom PC towers, but obviously that doesn’t mean I think PCs are crap (seeing as I’m mostly a PC gamer).

    The buttons on the unit are pathetic – hard to press, impossible to see the icons on the buttons.

    I assume you mean the ones on the actual system & not the controller, because the controller doesn’t fit this description at all.
    If you mean the actual console unit, then I have to give this one to you. This is a definite design flaw.

    The “improvements” of this console are almost all SHIT. The controller voices/audio/lights are just battery wasting gimmicks. The focus on “social networking” and “sharing” is just rubbish that no-one cares about.

    Well, I personally like the controller audio (which can be turned off) and the lights; some games use the light as a health indicator, and it indicates battery charge otherwise.
    As for the social networking thing, well… the sheer number of PSN communities, streamers using the built-in functions, and sheer number of people sharing their PS4 accomplishments to FB say that people DO care – enough that Microsoft used the same idea for Xbox Live & Windows gaming.

    The community is terrible.

    No more than the Xbox or PC gaming communities. If you only look for crap players, you’ll only notice crap players. Do I have to mention the toxic communities on every Blizzard or Call of Duty game ever produced?

    You can NEVER, EVER ever change your gamertag/PSN Name.

    Blatantly false. I’ve changed mine twice, never spent a dime to do so either.

    No release button for ejecting stuck discs. Instead it has a retarded loose “not normal” screw that is almost impossible to see, requires opening the machine and even then impossible to get at

    There is an eject button, actually; it’s just not obvious (this IS a design flaw). It’s the glowing blue light under the disc slot; it’s a touch-sensitive bit that isn’t made obvious for some stupid reason.

    And before some of you make assumptions: I’m not a PS “fanboy,” I’m a serious gamer that likes a lot of games across all platforms. Brand loyalty, console wars, & platform elitism are childish & stupid. I prefer PC because it has a broader variety of games & customisable controls, but I still play a lot of console exclusives because I actually enjoy them. Assassin’s Creed, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy are all decent for the people that enjoy those sorts of games. And let’s face it, the PC ports of most console games are… well, awful, to be honest.

    Honestly, I get why you dislike the console, and that’s fine – but the whole article kind of feels like you’re just redirecting your frustration at the game store & your own lack of research at Sony. On top of making it seem like you think your subjective opinions are objective fact (which may not be what you meant, but that’s how it reads; your fanboys being rabid about it don’t help).

  92. “And one of you can win all of it!*”*If you live in Toronto, Canada, right?

  93. Shane McCausland

    Well my friend doesnt have a PC, is a humble guy and bought the PS4 from another friend. I downloaded movies for him on a USB he bought. (Feel free to cry to daddy FBI over that). They are MP4. Come to find out to even play the movies we had to download an AP. Unacceptable. We got that downloaded. Come to find out the PS4 is so retarded, it does not know how to put the mp4 from the USB onto the PS4 harddrive. It has no clue how to do that.

    This leaves you with two options here.

    1) Sony is retarded and didnt realize or know people would want to actually use their hard drive to store things.

    2) This is intention to be a dick to try to stop or limit pirating.

    Let me give you a reality check. Just because you are being an asshole to me and my friend sony, doesn’t mean you are going to make money off us. Us not paying for movies =/= you get our money for movies. All you are doing is making me do more work to find a workaround or making my friend spend 6 bucks for another flash drive.

    Pirating is not stealing. Anti pirating is anti consumer everytime. I did not take anything from you, I just copied info that was on the web. You lost nothing in the process. Just because my eyeballs watched a movie, doesnt mean my eyeballs would have watched the same movie and paid you money to watch that movie if the free option wasnt available thanks to pro consumer PC instead of your proprietary paranoid piece of garbage OS anti consumer crap called PS4.

    People need to understand consoles are just PCs with a bullshit hyper controlling operating system thats designed from the ground up to monitor and limit your freedom as an american. Have my middle finger. You didnt even make money off my friend anyways in any way because he bought it from a neighbor not a store with 1 game we play all the time.

    • Its doesn’t matter if your friend is a humble guy, kid. The ps4 hard drive is meant to store video games, not movies. Who downloads movies today anyways? This is the 21st century with the options to have very high speed internet to stream anything. Pirating is still breaking the law and if you want to go to federal prison that’s on you kid. The ps4 is monitored so closely so you dont screw up and give yourself a virus or have a hacker take your stuff. Consoles are designed to easily be able to turn it on and play immediately. Having a PC means you have to do all that but by yourself and that could be bad if you dont know what you are doing. Use your brain kid, not your emotions.

  94. This is the most retarded review I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m saying that 4 years later. The first few paragraphs are enough to show the level of incompetence this reviewer has. Find another job kid.

  95. Xbox trash lmao


  96. Renaud Lemieux

    Loll wow what a bunch of ridiculous xbox fanboy who flood that thread at least we got a couple of honest gamer sayin that guy here is a total troll. Just cannot be serious as all the haters who answered here. Let’s be Honest I got the ps4 since day one and had no major problem at all same thing for all my friends. In fact Xbox and ps do the same thing with minor differences the only huge

  97. Renaud Lemieux

    Loll wow what a bunch of ridiculous xbox fanboy who flood that thread at least we got a couple of honest gamer sayin that guy here is a total troll. Just cannot be serious as all the haters who answered here. Let’s be Honest I got the ps4 since day one and had no major problem at all same thing for all my friends. In fact Xbox and ps do the same thing with minor differences the only huge difference are the exclusive, xbox got poor exclusive and sony got great exclusive beside that its almost the same thing

  98. It’s amazing, we have 2019 and the PS4 is still the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever had. The fucking UI is terrible, if you play a digital game and want to quit through the “mini menu”, then be prepared for up to 3(!) minutes of lag.
    Have a fighting stick from PS3/PC? Fuck you, it’s not licensed by us, so you can’t use it. The dualshock 4 feels nice at first, but it’s battery is a joke, touchpad is a useless gimmick and big ass LED eats the power out of it instantly. My DS3, which is 8 years at this point, has better battery life. The buttons of DS4 feel very mushy, not nice to play. It looks like it can’t even be used a little more rough, because it will fucking break. I played a fighting game, I also like to press buttons a little bit harder, the rubber inside D-PAD broke and my inputs would be all over place. I ordered new parts, it was a bitch to open and replace, a week later it broke again.
    Don’t even start with PS+, it’s garbage. Oh, so AFTER I pay 400$, I still have to pay 60$ a year just to experience certain games to the fullest? This is unacceptable.
    Fuck PS4, worst Sony’s console to date.

  99. Downloads to the PlayStation 4 from the PlayStation Store are objectively terrible. Hell, sometimes just a visit to the PlayStation Store can be fraught with delays and spinning progress wheels. The true causes of this may not be provable or knowable, but one network specialist has taken a long look at the issue and has some recommendations that may help.

  100. Its unbelievable.. I can’t even save an image on my ps4. The only way to change wallpaper is a lame workaround. Sony sucks.. It got too greedy. Even the “free” games you get from ps+ when you stop paying subscription you can’t play them. FUCK YOU SONY.

  101. Wall of rambling text, got through the first paragraph and realised you’re a pathetic cunt. Shut the fuck up or go and kill yourself.

  102. The PS4 is utter shite. The PS5 looks to be exactly the same.

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  108. Don’t know if anyone said but it also crashes a lot and has error codes more than it should mine’s almost 3 months old and I’m already having error codes pop up all the time I feel really stupid for buying one in the first place I bet the ps5 will be just as bad as ps4 if not worse

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