Grumpy Cat, Yes.

Of all the memes on the internet, Grumpy Cat is without doubt the best. I resonate with him. He’s Grumpy, and he’s a… cat.┬áBut he’s still awesome. His dry anger, negativity and grumpiness are perfect. In fact I think he’d be the perfect pet, if he wasn’t a filthy, disgusting cat.

The “No” ones are great. Simple, effective, and portray a level of negativity that only the internet can capture. ┬áTake for example:



Grumpy Cat Adopt me


They don’t even have to make much sense:


In fact you can pretty much remove the first line entirely:


Grumpy Cat for President.


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  1. Thhe Grumpy Cat is too cute and too hilarious!

    I want that cat.

  2. Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with this world…we’re doomed

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