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The PS4 is Terrible

The PS4 is the most terrible piece of garbage I have ever had the horror to experience. This thing is bottom of the barrel trash. And I am dumbfounded that there isn’t more of an uproar about it on the internet. Sony is an absolute disgrace in every way, and I will never buy another product from them again.

Why, you ask? On boxing day 2014, I saw that EB Games were having a sale on Sony PlayStation 4. They were including 5 games in a bundle that was slightly better value than before christmas. I’d been thinking about getting the PS4 for a while so I decided it was time, I figured I’d spoil myself, get together all of my Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) games and console take it in to trade them, and walk home with a brand new shiny console for hours of entertainment.

I should be honest, I don’t actually play console games much at all. I’ve had a console of some sort for the last 20 years+ of some sort or another, including NES, Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and most recently PS3. I came to a realisation a few years ago that my interest in console games had completely waned. I only play once in a blue moon, or if a friend comes round we might have a laugh with some Grand Theft Auto carnage.

I also have come to believe that PC gaming is far superior than console gaming in every way.

I actually always hated the PS3 OS and the interface. I found it ugly, clunky, and just shit. The load time, system updates, and everything about it just feels terrible. The only reason I have ‘stuck’ with Sony is because I didn’t want to support Microsoft in the gaming world.

So I wasn’t extremely excited about the PS4, I more just wanted to get it to upgrade to the latest version. I figured I could get rid of my old PS3 which was the 60GB version – that was the very loud, very large, dust collecting, backwards compatible console (that I never ONCE played a ps2 game on). Also when I say “loud” I mean, this thing sounded like a plane was taking off under my TV. This thing was also as heavy as a fucking car. I’m not exaggerating. If you kicked this piece of shit as hard as you could, it would break your foot and not affect it in any way.

I also figured it would be a good “media centre” update as well, I’d be able to watch movies on it just as I could on my PS3, but being the latest version, obviously it would be even better.

So I went into the store and traded in 11 PS3 games and my console, I was offered a measly $90 trade in value – a bit of a kick in the guts, but I continued onwards.

The pre-pubescent, pimply faced sales kid told me that “You have to pay to access the PlayStation Network. You have to pay to play online at all”. I stopped. My jaw dropped
“Are you fucking serious?” (There are about 30-40 people in queue, close by & listening in a boxing day rush).
“I know, that was my first reaction too, but <13 yo sales guy pitch here>“.
“That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard”.

Really, Sony charging for access to their online world is SO fucking outrageous it is disgusting. They have the worst online network, it’s been HACKED numerous times, it’s down all the time, it’s just inferior to EVERY alternative in EVERY way. Just using PC games you have a FAR wider audience, and way cheaper entry.

Alas I’d come this far, so I continued.

Then the rodent sales guy asks if I want a second controller:
“Sure” I said.
“Oh but it doesn’t come with a cable.”
“… Wait… What? Did you just say… the controller… doesn’t come… with a cable? I… I just… How?”
“Nope haha, I recommend you buy this docking station power charger too so you can charge them both. That way you don’t need to have the console turned on to charge the controllers. The controllers die really quickly because of their led display”
“That sounds… Really terrible. How could they not include a cable? Don’t they just use the normal USB/micro USB cables? Don’t worry, I already have them”
“Oh no they don’t use those cables” (they do)
“Can you just sell me a normal cable?”
“Sure. Oh wait, we don’t have any left sorry”
“Oh god…”

So after being forcefully up-sold with Sony’s shamefully terrible products and non existent business ethics, I continued.

Eventually after further disappointment being told I couldn’t trade any of the ‘bundled’ games for less shit games, I walked out of there having spent way more than I expected, and feeling absolutely terrible about the whole ordeal.

So I got home, plugged it all in, went to enter my account/profile details and connect to PlayStation Network. ERROR. That’s right, the PlayStation Network was down. The “online” network that Sony have the arrogant nerve to think they can charge for, was not accessible on christmas, or the next 3-4 days – the peak holiday time, when the entire PlayStation world would have been wanting to play. You couldn’t come up with a more ridiculous story – really. They are just a fucking laughing stock.

Turns out it was due to constant DDOS attacks. I’m not going to go into the reasons etc (google it), but I have to be honest, I’m GLAD that they got attacked. They deserve to be absolutely caned for their disgusting service. Having said that, if they’re going to charge for their pathetic appalling network, they are OBLIGED to have better security security, backup measures and alternative plans for these situations, otherwise what the fuck do they deserve our money for?

So far everything about this piece of shit was just terrible. For days I tried entering in my credentials (the console doesn’t save your email address/password, so every single time I had to re-enter it again using the painfully slow controller/keyboard method – just a small example of why the playstation UI sucks). But after a few days the network finally came back online. I tried to connect, ERROR. I googled it – and Sony’s genius engineering team advised “reboot your machine” (fucking idiots). I rebooted my machine, it did nothing. I still got an error. Eventually I found an obscure manual network setting adjustment which was NOT specified by Sony but rather some clever punter. Finally I was online.

After exploring some of the options/settings I was baffled as to why there is so much focus placed on social networking and sharing etc. As if anyone cares about sony and their social media – these guys are completely deluded.

Anyway I played GTA5 a few times. It was as lacklustre as it was on the PS3, but now some of the voices and sounds seemed to come out of the controller. I don’t find this adds ANY immersion whatsoever – it’s actually confusing, and to be honest I’d rather it just not happen, with the benefit of a longer battery life for the shithouse controllers.

Finally a few days later I had a friend coming around and we were going to settle in and watch a movie, so I grabbed my USB with a legally obtained video to watch, and plugged it into the console. Only to discover that the PS4 is unable to play ANY videos copied onto it via USB or any other means. I could not believe it. A major part of my reason to have a console at all was to act as a ‘media centre’. I didn’t even bother to look up this functionality because I just assumed it would be included – why wouldn’t it? I was absolutely dumbfounded and disgusted. What an outrage. I was also stabbing my own eyes with forks in frustration.

On googling responses on the internet I found a range of varied opinions. But as with all gaming topics, you have these strange retarded ‘fanbois’ who stand by their console/platform/game/developer of choice no matter how much they are blatantly and obviously not living up to expectations.

At this stage I just find the whole thing comical. To wrap it up – if you haven’t bought a PS4 yet, don’t do it. Just don’t. It’s a fucking piece of shit. I’ll sign off with a concise list.

Why the PS4 is shit

  • Overly expensive
  • You have to pay to access the PlayStation Network (to play any online games)
  • You can’t play any videos copied to the console. It’s no longer ANY use as a media center.
  • No flash support on the browser at all
  • Second controllers don’t come with cables.
  • Terrible wide impacting bug where the unit will beep and spit out discs randomly for no reason, in mid game or will even try when discs aren’t in there. Sony encourage users to send units back for repair.
  • Shit games.
  • The PlayStation Network was down over the peak holiday period.
  • Sony’s security is known to be appalling, and is a laughing stock worldwide. Peoples sensitive private information has been hacked many times.
  • Sony’s OS and UI are fucking terrible.
  • The physical console is eye hurtingly ugly.
  • The buttons on the unit are pathetic – hard to press, impossible to see the icons on the buttons.
  • The “improvements” of this console are almost all SHIT. The controller voices/audio/lights are just battery wasting gimmicks. The focus on “social networking” and “sharing” is just rubbish that no-one cares about.
  • The community is terrible.
  • You can NEVER, EVER ever change your gamertag/PSN Name.
  • No release button for ejecting stuck discs. Instead it has a retarded loose “not normal” screw that is almost impossible to see, requires opening the machine and even then impossible to get at
  • Much, much more.

I’d love to hear your feedback or experiences. Thanks.

EDIT (November 2015):
Sony you had one job to do!! Let us put in a game and play the game. But no, Sony can’t even build a unit that is able to load a disc and play the disc without RANDOMLY spitting it out! There is a widely known bug with the console where it will randomly just start spitting out the disc in mid game. Or even if there is no disc in the console, it will sit there beeping TRYING to eject it. What the fuck? Seriously. Is it too much to ask this hideous piece of rubbish to not break across the board? Really – is that being greedy? I am absolutely baffled that this unit is so shit. But if that’s not enough, listen to Sony’s suggested fix – they say to turn it off and on again. (Wow, thanks Sony). And if that doesn’t work, send it in for repair! That is unacceptably outrageous! We don’t want to have to pack this thing up in safe packaging, pay for shipping to send it off, and then be without a PS4 for WEEKS – FUCK YOU! But worse still, if you look online you’ll find there is usually a repair you can do yourself (thanks for lying Sony). You open the top of the unit, that’s right, you actually have to pull the ugly thing apart by wrenching the top off revealing the disgusting innards, then there is a hidden screw – I mean it’s almost impossible to see, and you need a very thin long screwdriver to access it (which you’re unlikely to have), and then you need to turn it clockwise “a few times”… But it’s not a “normal” screw; it’s some weird loose piece of shit that doesn’t actually tighten. Couldn’t you have just used a goddamn button you utter retards? Incredibly after breaking apart my piece of shit and ramming screwdrivers into “not normal screws” and tightening the non-tightening screw, this actually worked for me. Fuck you PlayStation 4.

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Now what I’m about to say is very important. DON’T BE FOOLED. Don’t buy into this cheap, dodgy attempt at Microsoft trying to save face with IE. Microsoft should never, ever be forgiven for the monstrosity that is Internet Explorer.

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The Borg

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