Some people wonder what the name Bent Spine means. They ask me if it is symbolic of an internet ‘backbone’ so to speak – the spine representing the throughput of information, or a hub for content. Others ask me if it is a play on the importance of the spine & posture based on my yogic & tantric practises – like the claim that the age of a person is measured not by number of years but by the flexibility of their spine. Or the idea that all nerves, organs and emotional states are directly associated in different areas/states/postures of the spine.

Those are great ideas, and may perhaps even contain secrets to the longevity of a healthy life, but nope – the title is just referring to a spine. A spine that is bent. A spine that is bent in a really awkward, unusual, and thus hilarious way. Let’s face it – everybody knows that “spine” is a hilarious word, so when you BEND (or WRENCH) a spine, it’s exponentially more funny.

Enjoy your spine… I mean stay.


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  1. Dig yr work, Mr. Spine. Nice article on Abbott/Gillard. Heaven help us come September…

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