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Julia Gillard vs Tony Abbott

I have a major problem with society when it comes to politics. I have almost lost faith in the whole process.

After a lot of consideration, I believe it simply comes down just a few key points:

  1. Due to ignorance, when there is real change, people resist.
  2. Due to greed, if a policy ever involves people having to pay, regardless of what it’s for, people resist.
  3. The minority scream the loudest.

For the past few months, the vibe in Australian politics seems like everyone expects Labor’s Julia Gillard to lose in the upcoming September election. Read more »

WoW’s Most Blacklisted Battlegrounds – Official Statistics

So by now any World of Warcraft players will be aware of the ability to now blacklist battlegrounds. This feature lets you remove up to 2 battlegrounds from being selected when queuing for a random battleground.

I for one had been waiting for this feature ever since “queueing for random battlegrounds” was introduced. In fact a lot of people had. It was unfortunate that the feature was buggy and didn’t work for many months after being introduced. Read more »

Interfacing with Microsoft SQL Server from OSX

Just last year I got my first Macbook Pro for development, after a lifetime of Windows (and linux/unix on server environments). I was very excited to get my environment set up as many friends who work in a similar field had sworn by it. I knew that almost every element of my workspace would be easily transferrable to OSX, and in some cases more elegantly. Technologies such as Apache, PHP, ssh/shell, etc are almost more native to the *nix core than they are to windows.

There was however a single piece of the puzzle that I knew I still had to deal with. Microsoft SQL Server. Read more »

Pando Media Booster – dodgy, clever or both?

So a few months ago it was a quiet WoW maintenance Tuesday night (rant on that coming soon) and at the time I had almost completed the entire Star Trek TNG series. I decided I’d download and try out the “Star Trek Online” MMO. I wasn’t expecting anything super special but I like Star Trek, I like MMOs, some YouTube videos looked ok so I figured I’d give it a go. Somewhere through the installation process it prompted something about installing “Pando Media Booster” to help with the download. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S4 is ugly. Just like the S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is ugly. I’ve never understood why so many phone manufacturers consistently fail when it comes to making a phone that actually LOOKS good. The Samsung S4, just like the Samsung S3 is curvy, ugly and has that tacky shiny plastic that looks like a cheap piece of shit. If they’re going to make it crappy plastic, can’t they at least make it Matte so that it looks a little more modern than something out of the 80’s? Read more »

Chinese Tea Pots

I love chinese food. I eat Chinese pretty much a few times a week. I particularly love Yum Cha. Yum Cha is probably my favourite food.

I understand that the translation of Yum Cha in Chinese is actually “drink tea”.  Of course drinking tea is an enjoyable part of a chinese meal. It’s nice to be given those nice white chinese tea pots so that you can pour some lovely tea in your fucking tea cup. That would be if the tea cups would actually pour tea in a normal human way.  Lost me? Allow me to explain. Read more »

Grumpy Cat, Yes.

Of all the memes on the internet, Grumpy Cat is without doubt the best. I resonate with him. He’s Grumpy, and he’s a… cat. But he’s still awesome. His dry anger, negativity and grumpiness are perfect. In fact I think he’d be the perfect pet, if he wasn’t a filthy, disgusting cat. Read more »

SSO Sucks

Single Sign-on sucks. Well the idea doesn’t suck, but in practise, it sucks. It’s one of those buzzwords that bosses, sales guys and business guys love to throw around. I’m pretty sure this guy ALWAYS talks about SSO:

80s_guy Read more »

Star Trek TNG – Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray is the 22nd episode in season 2 of Star Trek – The Next Generation.

Words can not describe how terrible this regurgitated trash is. Honestly it’s a stain on the brand that is Star Trek, and the writers should be ashamed. Absolutely disgusting. This episode literally made my physically ill. I actually scratched the DVD from my DVD set just to ensure I will never have to watch it again. That meant also losing 3 other episodes from the season too, but it’s worth it to defend myself or anyone from watching this pathetic excuse for a rotting sack of Read more »